Problems with other Student Driver signs

Before you purchase ANY Student Driver signs for your car, please be aware of several MAJOR PROBLEMS with many other Student Driver signs available out there.Stop. Learn why other Student Driver signs aren't as effective.

Other Student Driver sign sellers certainly mean well and want to promote a safer driving environment. Unfortunately, their Student Driver signs are often poorly designed. These ineffective signs are less visible, less recognizable, and less safe than they should be.

With over 20 years of experience in making all kinds of signs, we know what makes signs effective. Read more to find out.


What exactly makes a sign effective? One of the best examples of effective signage are traffic signs. Many traffic signs are designed to be seen and understood by thousands of drivers a day, quickly and safely, even at high speeds.

Here are the problems ineffective Student Driver signs have and how they compare to traffic signs:

Fast drivers need easy to see signs.

Writing too many words

  • It's extremely difficult - not to mention DANGEROUS - to read long text while driving. (for example: "Teen Learning to Drive, Please Be Patient")
  • Traffic signs contain as few words as possible but are still easily understood even at high speeds.
  • Our signs only contain the two most important words to facilitate instant recognition: "STUDENT DRIVER"

Including graphics

  • Fancy graphics or pictures might look kind of nice, but they're often DISTRACTING and difficult to interpret.
  • Traffic signs are very simple and use little or no graphics (aside from some very well-known symbols). Many student driver signs sellers make up their own symbol - but the problem is no one else knows what it means!
  • Our signs have no graphics at all, only the text "STUDENT DRIVER"

Using the wrong colors

  • Colors that are not visible will be ignored by most drivers! White, red, blue, green, pink, etc. aren't the most visible colors.
  • Our signs use BLACK on YELLOW because it is eye-catching, and based on research, the most visible for all people (including those who are color blind).
  • Many Traffic signs make use of BLACK on YELLOW for "Warning" or "Caution" signs - drivers have associated these meanings with those colors.

Not utilizing reflective material

  • When the sun goes down, a NON-REFLECTIVE sign can NOT be seen and becomes useless!
  • Almost all traffic signs are required to be reflective because it is very important that they be can seen at night.
  • Our signs are REFLECTIVE, providing high visibility and safety 24 hours a day.

Leaving square corners on car magnets

  • Square corners are prone to the "DOG EAR" effect: When enough air seeps under a corner and peels it back, blowing the magnet off the car when driving at high speeds.
  • Rounded corner signs also look nicer - and stay that way. Square corners can fold back and become permanently bent.
  • Our signs have been styled with ROUNDED CORNERS at no extra charge.

At Student Driver Magnetic, we've refined our design and taken extra steps to ensure that our Student Driver signs are the best you can get.

Our final Student Driver sign design.

So, look no further - you've found the right place. Don't settle for inferior, ineffective student driver signs. Get our student driver signs today.


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