Reflective Student Driver Signs

The vast majority of student driver signs available out there are NOT reflective. This means they won't be seen at night. And night time is probably the most dangerous time to drive.

See more on why our REFLECTIVE Student Driver magnetic signs provide extra safety, 24 hours a day, and how they can alert other driver better than any non-reflective sign.

Problems of Other Student Driver Signs

We've added a new article examining why some Student Driver sign designs can be problematic - and why our magnetic, reflective, highly visible Student Driver signs are much more effective for new drivers.

Learn more about the problems that plague other student driver signs on this page.

The Student Driver Magnetic Signs Blog


Welcome to our brand new blog.

We plan to use this blog not only for posting our site updates, but also for providing news and other information that would be helpful for new student drivers everywhere including safety tips, news, articles, photos, videos, and more. Check back soon!