Student Driver Magnetic Signs .com is a family-operated business with more than 20 years of experience in making reflective and magnetic signs, now specializing in reflective magnetic "Student Driver" signs.

Family Owned & Operated

It all started when the eldest child in the family got his learner's permit. Mom and Dad quickly discovered that teaching him to drive was extremely nerve-wracking! As a brand-new driver, mistakes were inevitable - leading to lots of honking, tail-gating, and getting cut-off by insensitive drivers.

Then 2 years later, the second eldest child in the family was next. This time, mom and dad decided that they didn't want to go through the same stress and pressures ever again. What could we do?

The driving instructor recommended we get "Student Driver" signs for the car. Since we were in the business of making magnetic signs, we decided to make our own Student Driver signs. We wanted to make sure they would be better and more effective than any other signs available.

A Better Design

We looked online and found that all of the ones available were actually quite inadequate. Some were ugly, some were tacky, and almost all were not reflective. Those kinds of student driver signs can't be very helpful! Not to mention they cost a lot more than they should.

So we created a very simple, very recognizable design. No crazy logos or complicated graphics. Just a legible and clean font, colored black on yellow - which according to research is one of the the most visible color combinations.

Reflective is Effective

Since we've made many reflective signs in the past, we know how valuable they are when it comes to night time visibility. Traffic signs, for example, use reflective vinyl material so that motorists can still see them in the dark.

By making our Student Driver signs reflective, they could be seen very easily even while driving at night - unlike other Student Driver signs.

High Quality, Low Price

Finally we added the same features all effective magnetic car signs should have:

  • High-quality magnetic sheeting that doesn’t fly off at high speeds.
  • Engineering-grade reflective vinyl that lasts for years, illuminates at night, and unlike printed ink, never fades.
  • Rounded corners which not only look nice, but also help prevent the "dog ear" peeling effect on sharp corners.

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So if you've been searching for Student Driver signs, look no further. You found the right place.

Buy our signs today. You won't not be disappointed with their effectiveness and their value.


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